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**First off...I'm SORRY i didn't remember to change the brackets when i did the first was really late and i was really tired.

Name: Stephanie Michele Peterson
Location: Yorkville, IL
age: 16
gender: Female
Who is the best band and why: I can't pick just one band to be the best...there are too many
favorite movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, Now and Then, Donnie Darko, Hope Floats...more
talents: I can play the flute well i suppose...
what makes your rad enough for us to accept you: I'm friends with Lena..and i know Niki. But i don't know Paul. But I'm still rad. I guess.
miller or bud: Tastes the same to me
do you smoke: NO
if so what: n/a
who is the hottest moderator (niki, paul, lena(you dont have to answer if you dont know us,
since we dont have pictures posted yet.): Well, considering i havent seen Niki in a long ass time, and i don't know Paul, i suppose i have to say Lena. Cause she's a hot mama
favorite quote:"Live your life to the fullest. For all you know, you won't be here tomorrow" i just kinda made that one up right now. :-D
favorite article of clothing: any baggy t-shirt
favorite clothing store: Charolette Russe, Hot Topic, Anchor Blue is OK..and i'm sure i'm missing a few that i like.
favorite past time: either reading a good book (which rarely occurs) or sleeping or going online
best physical feature: some might say my boobs, but I say my hands because they arent chubby like the rest of my body
best personality trait: I'm pretty open minded about stuff and i don't really put down other people's opinions just because it isn't the same as mine.

abortion: I wouldn't do it i don't think, but some girls out there don't really have a choice, whether they can't afford a baby, or if it was i guess it is up to the mother and what she thinks is best.
homosexuality: Not for, not against. It doesnt bother me. As long as I'm not involved in any of their sexual activities, I'm good. Gay people are cool.
love at first sight: Hey, it can happen i guess.
does size matter: Nah
girs farting: haha..can't say I'm against this because I'd be a hypocrite! Guys, girls DO fart. Deal with it.
looks/personality: Looks do matter...but not very much. I would rather have a good personality and not so good looks, then a stud with a poor personality
short/tall: I would rather have my boyfriend taller than me, because I'm really short to begin with. But i guess it doesn't really matter.
rain/sushine: Depends on what mood i'm in for that day.
Gun Control: Don't go around shooting people for your own personal pleasure...but i guess for hunting and for COPS it's ok.
Suicide: If you're just an emotional wreck, seek help..don't kill yourself. But if you had some insane serious painful incurable disease that you were going to die from anyway and you wanted to be out of the pain..i suppose it's ok...maybe.

WORD AFFILIATION (what word do these things/people/places make you think of)
george w. bush: dumbass
john kerry: errr....
ralph nader: who's that?
scensters: stupid
Chicken: Gross
Drugs: Bad stuff
Martha Stewart: Pink Towels
Jesus: Christ
Homer: The Odyssey
socks: stinky feet
tomato: potato
KY: liquid
Shoes: Feet and socks
Art: Prochaska. grossss

more about you
What would your perfect day consist of: Not working. getting a large amount of money and going to the mall with friends and spending the money. maybe a movie. perhaps wal-mart. Basically just a day out with the girls
Perfect date: as long as I'm with my boyfriend, anything is perfect
What would you do if you knew you were going to die tomorrow: well first i would have to be POSITIVE that i was going to die tomorrow. then i would try a few drugs just to see what they are like..without the long-term affects. i would spend all of my money and go out and have fun and eats lots of food. i wouldnt buy anything to keep, though. just because i wont use them after i die. i can't pick out any exact things that i would do at the moment.

lastly promote us in 2 lj's or 2 places online
My livejournal and alexandra's livejournal

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