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Name: Keeley Spain
Location: Suburb of Chicago
age: 16
gender: female
Who is the best band and why: Jimmy Eat World.. Their music goes way past most emo shit band's complaining about girlfriends and stuff and I like their style.
favorite movies: Out Cold and Rock Star
talents: I can play bass? I try to be talented but fail easily
what makes your rad enough for us to accept you: Because I'm an extremely honest person in a harsh way. Aka bitch.. But like I said, honest at the same time
miller or bud: Bud
do you smoke: Yep
if so what: Marlboro lights
who is the hottest moderator (niki, paul, lena(you dont have to answer if you dont know us,
since we dont have pictures posted yet.):
favorite quote: "No regrets, that's my motto.. That and everybody wang chung tonight.."
favorite article of clothing: Bra definitely
favorite clothing store: Somewhere cheap, but not too cheap.. I don't have an exact favorite
favorite past time: I don't really have one. Being a kid in general I guess
best physical feature: Eyes or boobs. I don't necessarily like my boobs but everyone else does
best personality trait: I'm funny?

abortion: ... It really pisses me off. I'm against it in all cases other than rape. If you can prevent it, there's no damn reason to kill it.
homosexuality: I'm okay with homosexuals, but I'm not okay with the idea. Love is love, true, but for some reason I think we're here to reproduce and what not.. I don't know if that made any sense but I tried
love at first sight: I definitely believe in that. I have proof of it
does size matter: Not really.. Not to me at least. Ignore the faults!
girs farting: Haha.. Not in front of guys but by yourself or with other girls go for it
looks/personality: Both. You can't honestly tell me just because someone has a great personality and is horrible looking that you'd go for him..
short/tall: Short! -5'0" pride-
rain/sushine: Rain matches my mood but sunshine gets me tan
Gun Control: I hate guns
Suicide: It happens to the best of us... I've thought about it/attempted it many times but once you come to, you realize how much there is to live for and how unfortunate it would be to leave too early

WORD AFFILIATION (what word do these things/people/places make you think of)
george w. bush: Monkeys
john kerry: Can opener
ralph nader: Puking
scensters: Annoying
Booty: Pirates?
Chicken: Dinner
Drugs: Party
Martha Stewart: Someone's bitch [now]
Jesus: Church
Homer: Mmmmmmm donuts
socks: Fluffy
tomato: Grass
KY: Hicks
Shoes: Sandals all the way
Art: Expressing feelings

more about you
What would your perfect day consist of: Listening to music, eating cheese, being loved back the way i love him
Perfect date: lying on a bed in the dark talking/cuddling/whateverelseyoucanthinkof
What would you do if you knew you were going to die tomorrow: tell my friends exaclty how i feel and then make out my will
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