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Name: Paul
Location: Chicago/Dekalb
age: 20
gender: Male
Who is the best band and why: I cannot pick just one. Led Zepplin and The Beatles for sure. They made music that will live on forever. I can put on any Zep album and listen it start to finish many times in a row. They never get old. Plus Robert Plant is the shit.

Favorite movies: Kill Bill, Taxi Driver, Easy Rider, Party Monster, The Fifth Element, Boondock Saints, How High, The Crow, Fight Club, The Royal Tanenbaums, Blow, The Big Lebowski, Pump Up The Volume, The Butterfly Effect, Vanilla Sky, Clockwork Orange, Life of Brian, Nightmare Before Xmas, O Brother Where Art Thou?,

Talents: I play decent guitar and bass. I write too. (songs, stories, scripts. You name it. ) I’m pretty good with a camera. My scenic shots rock. I just rock all around.
What makes you rad enough for us to accept you: When you look up rad in the dictionary, there’s a picture of me. Plus, I’m already accepted.
miller or bud: Miller
do you smoke: Yes
if so what: Camel Wides and da Ganj. I’m trying to quit the first one.
who is the hottest moderator We’re all sexy bitches. Especially me. J
favorite quote: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it” Ferris Bueller
favorite article of clothing: All of my shoes. I love shoes.
favorite clothing store: Urban Outfitters and Express
favorite past time: Just hanging out
best physical feature: Based upon other peoples comments, I’ll say my hair. It’s mos def NOT my flabby midsection.
best personality trait: I dunno. You’d have to ask my friends.

abortion: None of my business. The choice is up to the woman and only her. I think it s wrong unless its for a good reason, but the choice is not mine. PROCHOICE
homosexuality: I’m for it! This is a free world, and people can do what they want concerning love, sex and the like.
love at first sight: It’s quite possible, though rare. I consider those who experience it very lucky.
does size matter: No. (Unless we’re talking about fat chicks, then yes. Yes, it does.)
girs farting: A myth. The female fart does not exist. Please do not try to tell me otherwise.
looks/personality: Looks are very important, because that is what a first impression is based upon, but they become less important as time goes on. After a while they mean nothing. Needless to say, I’m as shallow as the next one.
short/tall: I got no beef with either. We’re all children of the Lord. Hah.
rain/sushine: I like em’ both. Rain is good for making out . Sun is good for chillin outside with a couple of buddies and some beers.
Gun Control: Stupid idea. Taking guns away from people who legally purchase them and go through a background check is not going to stop the bad dude from getting them.
Suicide: Moronic. I have no sympathy for that shit. We’re better off without them.

WORD AFFILIATION (what word do these things/people/places make you think of)
george w. bush: Dumbo
john kerry: Skeletor
ralph nader: Are you serious? Give it up hippy.
scensters: Scenester 1- "I’m More Scene than you!" Scenester 2- "NO! I am more scene than YOU. Dude, these aren’t even chick jeans. These are little girl jeans. I bought them at Baby Gap." Scenester 1- "Wow. That’s pretty scene. I’ll be right back." (Runs out to get some jeans from Limited Too. ) Lamesters!!!!!!!!
Booty: Arrrrrrrrrgh!
Chicken: Popeyes
Drugs: Mostly bad
Martha Stewart: Prison beyotch!
Jesus: Character
Homer: Odyssey
socks: Ankle cut
tomato: Attack of the Killer kind
KY: Sex Jelly
Shoes: Shopping
Art: I dig

more about you
What would your perfect day consist of: Waking up at 10, walking to the ocean, smoking a bowl and surfing.
Perfect date: See above
What would you do if you knew you were going to die tomorrow: I really don’t want to think about that. Probably tell everyone I love them.

lastly promote us in 2 lj's or 2 places online
My Journal and somewhere else (I dunno yet)
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best personality trait- sarcasim... while most would consider it a bad triat, yours always makes me laugh ... :) i <3 paul!

aka.. sebastian