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NO VOTING... i am a mod!

Name: Niki
Location: plano.. but im in chicago more often
age: 17.. 18 on aug. 16 YOU BETTER ALL WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
gender: female
Who is the best band and why:hmm..well i would say the beatles.. because they made the biggest impact on music in general, and were original. Plus most people like them. However, they were strongly influenced by elvis, and buddy holly. My favorite band however is Saves the Day, Thursday, or The blood brothers.
favorite movies:10 things i hate about you, american beauty, american history x, swing kids, and the believer
talents: I can play saxaphone, and key board, im trying to learn how to play bass, and im doing ok. But i should practice more. Also i can fart louder then any girl i know :-P.
what makes your rad enough for us to accept you:pshht.. im a mod bitches
miller or bud: hmm i like bud better, but im not a big drinker. I just drink A beer at parties. Ill drink either. but i like bud better.. beer is beer. and i love the way it tastes.
do you smoke: yes
if so what: a cigar every now and then. cigarettes are gross though, and ive never smoked weed... never will.
who is the hottest moderator (niki, paul, lena(you dont have to answer if you dont know us,
since we dont have pictures posted yet.): hmm i dunno we're all pretty sexy.. but i think ill have to say.. me.. no im j/k paul and lena :) tee hee
favorite quote: "There comes a time in every man's life where he reaches the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide,"
favorite article of clothing: SHOOOOES!!
favorite clothing store:urban outfitters, and holister.
favorite past time:Hanging out with sam, and my friends. Eating at granny's with erick, and drawing/painting/crafting. Listening to music, and making music.
best physical feature: ive been told my lips, and my eyes.. ill go with eyes
best personality trait: Im brutaly honest, but still very kind.. (i like to joke though) and im really friendly.

abortion: its her body, but if the father is going to stick around, its both of their decision. if not, its her decision.
homosexuality: love is love.
love at first sight: yes... its never happened to me though
does size matter: if your fat, please help yourself. Fatness is unhealthy. in penis/chest size.. no.
girs farting: I think that if a girl can fart infront of people, she is really comfortable with herself. I fart, it hurts to hold em in ;)
looks/personality: If you arent attracted to a person then you wont talk to them. But personality can make the hottest person be very ugly. i feel this way for relationships and friends. I prefer to have better lookin friends. i think all of my friends are beautiful.
short/tall: im short.. so short!
rain/sushine: rain.. i love the rain.. i think i was born on a rainy day, cuz rain makes me goofy.
Gun Control: getting rid of guns isnt a good idea. BUT we need to figure out why people like to shoot eachother.. and how to stop it.
Suicide: really selfish, its a permanent solution to a temporary problem. People who kill themselves leave their family and friends wondering, and pain struck. and as thursday says, "when people die, they take a piece of you with them."

WORD AFFILIATION (what word do these things/people/places make you think of)
george w. bush: stupid.. but id rather have him in office then gore. because he is dumb enough,to allow others to run the country for him.. so it works out ok. But gore would have really screwed this nation over.
john kerry: intellegent, but i dont agree with him
ralph nader: My candidate
scensters: pretentious assholes
Booty: big
Chicken:(s) are not nuggets!!
Drugs: bad.. but what're you gonna do
Martha Stewart: EVIL!!! im glad shes in jail
Jesus: christ
Homer: the oddessy
socks: snuggly
tomato: YUUM
KY: jelly. once an old lady bought ky in my lane at work.
Shoes: I LOVE EM! i have like 24 pairs
Art: Is hard.. ( cursive)

more about you
What would your perfect day consist of:getting up early. Going to the beach, then eating lunch at noodles and company. Then hanging out by the lake front. and then eating pizza, and watching the stars. Throw in some drawing, and picture taking in their.
Perfect date: we would go to millenium park, and i would take pictures of him, people, and me. Then we would go out to eat at a chineese place. the go somewhere and look at the stars.
What would you do if you knew you were going to die tomorrow: Eat a lot of food tel everyone i love, that i love them. Get my name tatooed on my forhead.

lastly promote us in 2 lj's or 2 places online
my l/j
and a bunch of others, and ive told many of my friends to apply.
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