Dave (ifoundathing) wrote in license_2_kill,

Name: Dave
Location: Plainfield, but I'm just going to say Chicago
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Who is the best band and why: Not a fair question. The first bands that come to mind are Green Day, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys. They all wrote original material, they all stood the test of time, and they all experimented while not caring what people would think.
favorite movies: Caddyshack, Airplane 1 & 2, The Big Lebowski, The Shawshank Redemption, Reservoir Dogs, Spaceballs, Baseketball, Full Metal Jacket, Bonnie & Clyde, The Goonies, The Three Amigos, Major League 2, Rushmore, Mr. Deeds, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Back To The Future 2, Ghostbusters, Godfather 1 & 2, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey, The Monster Squad, Se7en, Angus, ok thats enough....
talents: music making, food consuming, superhuman strength, and i can make an omelete
what makes your rad enough for us to accept you: I hate the Cubs and I love the Sox. If this is a Cubs club, then this guys out.
miller or bud:
do you smoke: occasionally
if so what: whatevers handed to me thats a cigarette
who is the hottest moderator (niki, paul, lena(you dont have to answer if you dont know us,
since we dont have pictures posted yet.): i see an equal amount of hotness among the three of you. mmmmm.....yeaaaaa
favorite quote: "LAME" "He Gone"
favorite article of clothing: I like hats. If it's not a beanie it's a Red Sox/White Sox/Brewers hat.
favorite clothing store: Urban Outfitters, U.S. Comiscular Park.
favorite past time: wouldn't the logical answer be baseball? We'll toss rocking in there too
best physical feature: i have a large cranium
best personality trait: I look like Casey Affleck

abortion: It's her body, but if you knock'er up, at least be a stand up guy and pay for it. If you're broke, plant some crack in her car and call the cops. thatll get her off your back. also, the cops will think shes abusing crack while carrying a child. Therefore, she will be considered a "monster" by society. In the long run, it's easy street for you while she hops from soup house to soup house trying to feed her crack abused baby.
homosexuality: I don't care what you are, but stop shoving it down my throat. Not every straight character on tv declares they're straight. Take a hint.
love at first sight: depends what you're looking at
does size matter: Hell yes. I'm not going to buy a shirt or shoes that don't fit. However, if you're talking about boobs, no size doesnt matter. if you're referring to the male genetalia, no size doesn't matter. Please believe that last statement. I got nothin.
girls farting: Congratulations for being able to be comfortable, but ladies, understand that it is accepted in society for men to be gross. When girls are gross, it takes a second to sink in. So please, be patient. But ya, fart away.
looks/personality: looks is what initiates conversation. you're not going to approach someone you're not attracted to in order to spark conversation. Lack of personality, however, can make the hottest woman alive look like a bucket of feces.
short/tall: That mattered?
rain/sushine: I'm down. Not like I can control it. Unless I make a weather machine. But then again, I have trouble cleaning my room. A weather machine will go on hold until my socks leave my bedroom floor.
Gun Control: Guns can be made independently. If major corporations stop distributing guns, thatll maybe dent the problem, but wont rid it. Let people have guns, but dont make movies blaming the NRA when idiots get their hands on them. Propaganda making piece of shit.
Suicide: What a pussy way to go out. At least hurl yourself into oncoming traffic so your family gets some kick back.

WORD AFFILIATION (what word do these things/people/places make you think of)
george w. bush: I'd rather have him in the White House than Gore
john kerry: His face looks like Bill Clinton, but deflated
ralph nader: Only in a perfect world
scensters: Why don't you go cry about it? Didn't daddy take you to the circus? Tool
Booty: Yes. An ass is a fabulous this. Often a tie braking object
Chicken: Delicious
Drugs: Lame
Martha Stewart: She used sweat shops. So what. That's what happens when companies are moved to foreign countries to save cash. She got what she had coming. Bitch
Jesus: Thanks to the Catholic Church, I have a fear he's gonna be pissed off at me when I die, so I do whatever I can to be an ok catholic
Homer: Paved the way for South Park and The Family Guy. Maybe even Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Good job Homer.
socks: Argyle
tomato: Not a fan. Only on taco supremes. And burritos. Ya know something, any mexican food can go well with tomatoes.
KY: This kid across the hall from me at school bout a pound of this every 2 weeks. His room smelled like asshole and he looked like a mongaloid. How in the world did he fuck his g/f so much. So much KY. Is that healthy?
Shoes:I have several pair. Lately I'm more of a sandal guy though
Art: I can scribble on a piece of paper and someone can consider it art. To each his own I guess.

more about you
What would your perfect day consist of: Waking up early and being awake. Eating a skillet from Alicia's. Doing something festive like going to Great America, The Dunes, or driving somewhere far. Grill at night. Meet some hot chick along the way who is eager to sexually satisfy me. Receive my previously promised sexual satisfaction. Then make music with some buds for a few hours. Finished off by watching a South Park marathon until I pass out. There is also scattered moments throughout the day where I consume alcohol and receive free money.
Perfect date:
What would you do if you knew you were going to die tomorrow: hmm...probably as much as I could. How the hell do you answer that. That's like saying do you give up your hearing or eye sight. Fuck that. That's why death is the sweetest surprise in existance.

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the mods are: pictures will be added (if you dont know us you dont have to answer the sexiest mod ?)
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